Achieve Your Training Goals No Matter How Big or Small
Whether you are new to exercise, struggling with your current exercise routine, or aiming for a new goal, we have a training program to help you through your fitness journey.

At Fitness Connection our friendly staff wants to see you succeed. Training offered includes cardio, toning, strength training, weight loss and more. Our wide variety of training can accommodate a range of ages and fitness levels, cutting the excuses and providing something for everyone. All this is FREE with Membership!

Our training changes monthly, allowing you to keep your routine fresh, reduce boredom, boost weight loss, and work different muscle groups in your body.

When it comes to live instructor interaction, Fitness Connection provides options to suit your workout needs.

Our Fitness Push and Turning Point Programs are FREE with your membership. Meet with a Staff person every two weeks to assess your Fitness/Nutrition Goals and update them if desired.

Also Available: Personal Training Packages, One-on-One sessions with a trainer. FREE sample sessions are available. Check with us on pricing and availability.

Injury Rehabilitation – Getting You Back in the Action

In addition to our exercise machines, we also have personnel available for customized injury rehabilitation services to get you back on your feet. At Fitness Connection, we know that every injury is different and each requires specialized care. We also understand that people are unique and respond to different exercises in different ways. We work with you to create a personalized exercise routine that will enhance mobility, strengthen key muscles, and ultimately get you back to participating in everyday life and beyond.

We want you to get healthy, meet people with like-minded goals, and enjoy life. Contact us or stop in to learn more about our classes and customizable training programs.

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